How to purchase?

Admission and prices






Merchant's pass with photo*



on Monday and
on Tuesday, Wednesday,
Friday and Saturday:

5000 HUF

Preemption (only with merchant pass with photo)

on Monday and Thursday: 12 AM-4 PM




Visitor's ticket (for those who do not have a merchant's pass, valid only for one ocassion)

4PM-6PM 2000 HUF/ person
6PM- 500 HUF/ person


* For those who possess contractor's licence and a record of the company's registration, and whose field of activity meets our profile.



  • Records of the company (extract, warrant, contractor's licence)
  • Tax number
  • A photograph of the applicant
  • To fill in the customer's form



Parking prices (within the boundaries of the Virágpiac)


Custormer's magnet card (contains 20 units) 2000 HUF

Occasionally magnet card 200 HUF

on Monday and Thursday: 2 units/hour

on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 1 unit/hour

You can buy units to your card without restrain. 1 unit is 100 HUF.