About us

Within the Virágpiac on 3000 square meters 180 growers and wholesalers vend their products for resellers.

Outstanding selection:

  • Cut flowers from inland and from abroad
  • Seedlings and annual plants
  • Potted flowering plants from inland and from abroad
  • Houseplants from inland and from abroad
  • Maintenance products for cut flowers and potted plants
  • Pine, traditional and exceptional fresh greens
  • Flower soil, pots, plastic pots, cases for balcony/hanging baskets
  • Bases of flower wreaths, wires
  • Accessories for floral designs, literature
  • Ornaments made out of wood, glass and ceramics
  • Silken flowers, plastic wreaths, garlands
  • Candles and candlesticks
  • Alcoholic drinks, sweets and perfumes
  • Soft toys
  • Unique and special baloons

We provide a limited number of shops for those who fabricate or sell the above enlisted items.

The history of the Budapesti Virágpiac

The situation of the wholesale flower commerce became unbearable by the end of the 1980's. The only significant flower marketplace was the one known as ”budaörsi”. But it was crowded and open at dawn which made it to be rough for the merchants to purchase their articles. Numerous growers were crowded out due to the lack of shops.

One of these growers had the idea that he should ”build” a flower marketplace on his own. He brought his dream into effect, and the growers and merchants could take possession of the new hall of 2000 square meters by the end of year 1991. The break-through was the unexampled idea that the new market should be open not at dawn but in the evening hours. Thus the nightmarish waking up at night has ceased.

Ther marketplace's familiar athomsphere made it popular in no time, and the only serious problem was the lack of parking spaces. But with persistent efforts and prudent management the capacity of the parking lot has grown from 40 cars to 200 by purchasing the nearby building plots.

In 2000 the marketplace has been expanded by adding a three-storey buiding of 1000 square meters, which contains 35 shops. Nowadays 180 growers and wholesalers vend their floristry products, and their selection is outstanding in Budapest.